"We enable financial institutions to gain efficiency and unleash their full potential"

We believe in Banks

Payments is a strategic channel for creating customer touch points. We believe in banks and their ability to retain the customer relationship and we strive to be the platform to support banks to secure this crucial customer interface.

We believe in simplicity, efficiency and enablement

We are aware of the complexity of multi-scheme compliance management and high cost of chargeback operation at banks. We focus on making a significant contribution by enabling banks to automate such processes in the simplest and most efficient way.

We enable Banks

Rivero enables banks to retain the customer interface while making payment processes more efficient and support banks to delight their customers with streamlined digital interfaces.


Please meet kajo and amiko

Scheme Compliance made easy

kajoAt the heart of the large international card networks, Mastercard and Visa (Schemes) are the standards, rules, and regulations (Scheme Rules) to ensure global interoperability and balance commercials and risks.

Issuing and acquiring banks holding a license have to ensure compliance with scheme rules at all times. As of today, this means manual processes and especially significant resources to deal with a large number of scheme rule changes, driven by the dynamics of the payment industry.

Kajo is a tool with an integrated managed service to digitalize and automate scheme compliance management in the most efficient way. Kajo keeps you up to date with all relevant (e.g. pre-filtered for your license region) scheme “Bulletins” on a daily basis. All “Bulletins” are pre-assigned to your specific products, policies, processes, applications, and third-party providers to automatically generate and assign tasks for any needed internal changes.

For scheme compliance managers, kajo offers easy to use functionalities to monitor compliance (including costs) and orchestrate internal activities. As an additional service, for all major “Bulletins” kajo provides clarifications and interpretation guidelines.

Core features
  • Repository of all bulletins
  • Issuer/Acquirer specific pre-filtered bulletins for license type, region, products etc.
  • Pre-assignment of relevant bulletins to products-, policies-, process-, application- and third-party landscape
  • Task generation for responsible persons/owners of products, policies, process, application, and third-parties
  • Tracking of tasks based on task status and compliance states
  • Tracking of bulletins compliance
  • Monitoring of total costs for every bulletin
  • Dashboard

Find out more

If you want to know more about kajo, please get in touch: products@rivero.tech

Your companion in the chargeback process

amikoOne of the important benefits of card payments is the cardholder protection from fraud or poor fulfillment of the purchased products/services. Banks operating under licenses of the international card networks are bound by license agreements to comply with schemes’ chargeback rules and to carry out the chargeback process on behalf of their cardholders.

However, handling fraud and dispute chargebacks are among the most manual and time-consuming back-office processes at banks. With amiko we change this.

Amiko is a fraud and dispute management solution for banks issuing international card networks (e.g. Mastercard, Visa) branded debit and credit cards. Amiko turns the labor-intensive and lengthy paper-based chargeback process into an automated end-to-end digital process with a strong focus on cardholder self-servicing through digital channels (bank’s app or portal).

Amiko increases efficiency for a card issuing bank by a 50% reduction of allocated workforce and significantly improves the digital user experience for the bank’s customers/cardholders.

If you want to know more about amiko, please get in touch: products@rivero.tech

Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber

Payment is my passion. I joined the payment industry 15 years ago and gained experience in various roles mainly in the domain of scheme license management/compliance, strategy, risk management, fraud and digitization projects.
At Rivero, I take care of all business admin aspects and help to shape the strategy.
Fatemeh Nikayin

Fatemeh Nikayin

After 5 years of academic research experience on topics such as digital platforms and the Internet of Things, I joined the payment industry as a consultant in 2014. Through several customer projects, I gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the domains of (digital) payments, payment processing, authentication and digital identity.
At Rivero, I support the product design and dive into emerging and relevant topics for Rivero.
Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller

I spent most of my career in different security and software engineering roles. In 2011 I joined the payment industry and worked on many projects related to mobile payments, tokenization, payment processing and authentication. During the last 4 years I was in charge of security and the API strategy at a Swiss payment card issuer.
At Rivero, I take care of technology, security and product design.
Dominic Egger

Dominic Egger

I love correct software. Because of that over the last couple of years I invested a lot of time into learning functional programming and the underlying theoretical foundations. Before joining Rivero I worked with distributed Systems on the Hadoop Stack, helping companies with their Data Engineering.
At Rivero, I develop and maintain the Backend using Scala and Functional Programming.
Hugo Sousa

Hugo Sousa

I'm very interested in real-world logic reasoning applications as well as problem solving. This is why I'm drawn to software and startups. My drive is life-long learning and thus I'm always researching how to push the boundaries of software development, as well as sharing what I've learnt whenever I find the chance.
At Rivero, I do backend development and I keep an eye on everything software-related.
Nick Triantafyllidis

Nick Triantafyllidis

From the Scientific Community to the FinTech world, from a huge international organization to a fresh startup, from CERN to Rivero. I hope that this radical change of work environment will nurture my creativity and allow me to contribute to the creation of a modern and flexible software stack that has the potential to have a real-world impact.
At Rivero, I work as a DevOps Engineer, working on software lifecycle management and infrastructure tooling.
Simon Zenhäusern

Simon Zenhäusern

As an undergraduate, it is enormously exciting to dive into the practice of a start-up company. Object-oriented programming has inspired me for a while now and always brings mental challenges. The feeling of finally mastering one is what drives me on. At Rivero I participate in the backend development using Java.
Bartosz Radzyński

Bartosz Radzyński

I have always loved new technologies and this brought me to Software Engineering. I am mostly experienced in Scala, but I like learning and trying out new things. My biggest strength is problem-solving and thinking outside the box.
At Rivero I mostly work on backend engineering.
Diana Tokarska

Diana Tokarska

I love when web pages are intuitive and eye-catching, which drives me towards creating modern, functional and optimized web applications that are easy to use and navigate. After I expanded my Digital Design studies with education in a private programming school, I have been creating web applications for the financial and tourism industries.
At Rivero, I am responsible for frontend development and ensuring the highest quality user experience.
Stephan Wächter

Stephan Wächter

I have been working on various projects in engineering and compliance roles across different sectors. In 2014 I joined the payment industry and developed a passion for using technology to automate processes and create products that customers love. At Rivero, I join a talented team as the kajo product owner and help with product delivery.
Cazim Hysi

Cazim Hysi

I enjoy doing product-focused work in a high-stakes environment and I am drawn to statically typed functional programming as a tool to solve many practical engineering problems, both of which drew me to Rivero.
At Rivero I work on backend engineering in Scala.

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