"We enable financial institutions to gain efficiency and unleash their full potential"

We believe in Banks

Payments is a strategic channel for creating customer touch points. We believe in banks and their ability to retain the customer relationship and we strive to be the platform to support banks to secure this crucial customer interface.

We believe in simplicity, efficiency and enablement

We are aware of the complexity of multi-scheme compliance management and high cost of chargeback operation at banks. We focus on making a significant contribution by enabling banks to automate such processes in the simplest and most efficient way.

We enable Banks

Rivero enables banks to retain the customer interface while making payment processes more efficient and support banks to delight their customers with streamlined digital interfaces.

Thomas Weber

Thomas Weber

Payment is my passion. I joined the payment industry 15 years ago and gained experience in various roles mainly in the domain of scheme license management/compliance, strategy, risk management, fraud and digitization projects.
At Rivero, I take care of all business admin aspects and help to shape the strategy.
Fatemeh Nikayin

Fatemeh Nikayin

After 5 years of academic research experience on topics such as digital platforms and the Internet of Things, I joined the payment industry as a consultant in 2014. Through several customer projects, I gained in-depth knowledge and experience in the domains of (digital) payments, payment processing, authentication and digital identity.
At Rivero, I support the product design and dive into emerging and relevant topics for Rivero.
Thomas Mueller

Thomas Mueller

I spent most of my career in different security and software engineering roles. In 2011 I joined the payment industry and worked on many projects related to mobile payments, tokenization, payment processing and authentication. During the last 4 years I was in charge of security and the API strategy at a Swiss payment card issuer.
At Rivero, I take care of technology, security and product design.
Dominic Egger

Dominic Egger

I love correct software, because of that over the last couple years I invested a lot of time into learning functional programming and the underlying theoretical foundations. At Rivero I develop and maintain the Backend using Scala and Functional Programming. Before joining Rivero I worked with distributed Systems on the Hadoop Stack and helping companies with their Data Engineering.
Paul Koutinas

Paul Koutinas

It's never too late to make a career switch especially when it comes to doing something you love. As a self-proclaimed payment nerd, I'm excited to be able to get hands-on with building cool apps and services with the added advantage that I can help make a difference in an industry I've been involved with for a while.

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