Fraud Recovery & Disputes Reinvented.

The only fully digital Dispute Management SaaS solution, with a chatbot for cardholder self-servicing.


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Amiko covers all your Fraud Recovery and Dispute Management needs. 

Including a chatbot for your cardholders.

Amiko covers all your Fraud Recovery and Dispute Management needs. Including a chatbot for your cardholders.

Key Features


All-in-One Case Handling

The first fully digital solution that covers the entire dispute process from cardholder communication, over merchant collaboration to Mastercom & VROL dispute and arbitration handling. Replace all your existing dispute tools or expensive outsourcing services with Amiko.


Self-Service Chatbot

A virtual fraud & dispute agent, with expert curated chatbot skills covering both potential fraud and all types of dispute conversations in your app or portal. Claim the “Top of Wallet” position by promoting cardholder protection without worrying about volumes.


Process Automation

Digital case handling unlocks unseen levels of process automation (from case creation, over merchant collaboration & fraud reporting to bulk operations) for maximum efficiency. Reach 10x efficiency gains with Amiko and set your dispute write-off limits to zero.


Smart User Guidance

With data pre-filling and validation, agent handling mistakes are eliminated, and our smart deadline calculation and case prioritisation ensure no deadlines are missed. Reduce the complexity of fraud & dispute handling substantially and make onboarding new agents easy.


Ethoca & Verifi

Amiko allows you to leverage the full potential of the leading merchant collaboration networks without any implementation effort. Unlocks the chatbot skill for transaction data enrichment & retrieval of digital receipts. Tackle the challenge of friendly fraud & family fraud.


Fraud Report Management

Amiko directly integrates with the Mastercard Fraud & Loss Database and Visa Fraud Reporting System. Switch to Amiko for manual and automated fraud reporting and replace your existing tools or expensive outsourcing services.


Intelligent Document Handling

The document management provides a central place to organise all types of cardholder-, issuer- and acquirer-documentation. Amiko even automatically detects the type of Acquirer documents and highlights important tags such as “Compelling Evidence”.


Search & Customised Views

Find cases easily using Amiko's powerful search feature and 100+ filter criteria related to case urgency, status, dispute types, assignments and channels. Easily customise your views in Amiko and adjust them to support your existing process and workflow.

Security & Privacy by Design

Security & Privacy by Design

Amiko is designed from the ground-up with banking security and data privacy in mind. No sensitive cardholder or card data is exposed to Rivero.

Direct Scheme Integration

Direct Scheme Integration

Amiko directly integrates with Mastercard & Visa networks and is fully certified by both schemes. No integration with your processing system needed.

Fully Managed SaaS Solution

Fully Managed SaaS Solution

Amiko is the first and only SaaS solution and is constantly updated with new features. No additional costs for regular feature & compliance releases.