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A unique blend of decades of payment experience and SaaS product design, mixed with banking-level security and world-class software engineering.

The leadership team


Thomas Müller

Former CISO of a large Swiss Card Issuer with a proven track record in security, product design and software engineering. Thomas is the CEO and oversees product.

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Fatemeh Nikayin

Strong background in payments & research with international experience in consulting banking digitalisation projects. Fatemeh oversees growth and partnerships.

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Stephan Wächter

A decade of payments expertise with a strong background in product management, process and compliance. Stephan oversees operations.


Rivero's story

Established in 2019 and headquartered in Switzerland, Rivero is a fast-growing European company and a Visa Fintech Partner specialising in streamlining payment operations within the highly regulated payments industry. We focus on offering unique SaaS solutions for fraud recovery, dispute management, and payment scheme compliance. Our flagship products, Kajo and Amiko, set us apart in the industry. Kajo is an exclusive solution for payment scheme compliance, minimising risks and efforts for payment network licensees. Amiko revolutionises fraud recovery and dispute processes by digitalising them, thus aiding issuing banks in efficient management and enhancing consumer protection.

Board Members

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Thomas Müllerlinkedin
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