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Stay ahead of the competition by letting your cardholders open a dialogue regarding their disputes, empowering your fraud and dispute team to work more efficiently and intelligently.

Meet amiko

A fusion of power, simplicity & capability.

Creating a whole new way for issuing banks and processors to tackle the fraud/chargeback process.

Amiko Introduction
  • Intelligent Cardholder Self-Servicing

    Go beyond digital chargeback forms and empower your cardholders with the help of smart guidance to initiate a fully guided dispute via your own digital channels.

    At the same time, ensure that your chargeback and fraud teams receive legit and complete disputes, enabling them to communicate back with the cardholders when needed (a bi-directional channel with your cardholders).

  • Batch Case Creation & Submission to Ethoca & Verifi

    Take efficiency one step further by creating several fraud and dispute cases at once. Simply upload a CSV file of transactions to amiko and it will take care of, not only case creation, but also submission to payment networks and collaboration platforms such as Ethoca & Verifi.

  • A Powerful Way to Automate Sub-Processes

    Whether it's blocking a card, issuing a replacement card, triggering merchant collaboration, crediting or debiting the cardholder, amiko will bring an unmatched level of automation to your sub-processes.

  • Never Been Easier to Automate Chargeback Submission

    Many chargebacks, especially in the fraud domain, can be fully automated, using self-servicing capabilities and amiko's payment network integration. If this is your next mission, amiko’s intelligent automation features will help you stay ahead of the competition.

Lots of Other Features

Integration with collaboration platforms (Ethoca & Verifi)

Amiko allows submission directly to Ethoca and Verifi, seamlessly integrating the pre-stage collaboration step into the chargeback lifecycle. Starting from enriched transactions data in the digital front end, to pre-stage collaboration with merchants. With amiko, you can use the collaboration platforms to their full potential and settle disputes early on in the life cycle.

One Real-world Case in One amiko Case

Amiko enables your chargeback analysts to manage all transactions and documents related to a fraud or cardholder dispute case in one place, helping them find relevant information about each case. Thanks to the direct interface with payment networks, you always have a complete overview of all transaction details and up-to-date progress of the dispute.

Full Coverage of Chargeback Life Cycle

Amiko cases cover the entire life cycle of disputed transactions (from Collaboration (Ethoca & Verifi) to Arbitration) which is displayed to you in an easy-to-use view, providing your chargeback analysts with an even more comprehensive picture to easier access and review the case history and work more efficiently.

Powerful Bulk Decisions

Do you typically have several disputed transactions as part of a case? Amiko helps your chargeback analysts make the chargeback decision once and submit it for all transactions, saving lots of time and clicks, especially in fraud cases.

Advanced Case Search

Amiko’s advanced search capabilities allow chargeback analysts to easily find cases by searching with all kinds of transaction, chargeback or card identifiers.

Intelligent Document Management

Amiko’s document management module automatically tags incoming documents (e.g. from the 2nd presentment) and enables the chargeback analyst to upload documents to the case. Adding additional tags helps with quickly finding and identifying relevant documents.

Powerful Deadline Calculation For Case Prioritization

Amiko calculates due dates and progress statuses over all transactions in fraud or cardholder dispute cases. The calculated due dates combined with the intelligent sorting feature and advanced filtering capabilities makes it easy to find and prioritise the most urgent cases.

Bringing Form Auto-Generation to Dispute Resolution

Amiko pre-fills dispute resolution forms, which, once confirmed by your analysts, are generated and attached to the case automatically. This powerful feature creates an easy way to use dispute resolution forms in chargebacks.

Why choose amiko?

  • It is the first and only SaaS product for fraud disputes & all other types of chargebacks
  • The result of close collaboration with industry experts to rethink how you can manage your chargeback process
  • It takes chargebacks to a whole new level of digitalisation and automation
  • Requires no integration with the processor
  • Constantly being updated with new features without any IT work or additional costs on your side

Our team’s mission is to help you focus on what matters most to your organisation.

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