Release Notes

We’re continually working to improve your kajo experience,
here is a summary of what has changed



New Feature: Service Now Integration

kajo integrates with Service Now to extend task management to this third-party app. With this feature, kajo can create dedicated kajo tasks in Service Now and continually poll them to keep them updated in kajo. Events in kajo such as reopen, kajo notes or internal remarks changes will trigger an update of the kajo task in Service Now.


New Feature: Bulletin Category Filter


This new bulletin filter is based on your specific company configuration. The filter lets you select different categories/departments and shows you a list with the relevant bulletins.

Improvement: Work Log


We changed the "Notes" field from a simple text field to an edit and save field for better change control. The fields "Related Projects" and "Related Changes" have been removed (we didn't see any usage of these fields).

New Feature: Hyperlinks in Notes and Internal Notes

The "Notes" field on task level and the "Internal Remarks" field on bulletin level show any added link as a clickable hyperlink that opens a new tab. This new feature can be helpful when you reference other internal documents, tasks or intranet pages. Furthermore, you can also add links to other kajo tasks or bulletins.

Additional Improvements

  • We fixed a bug that caused the dashboard graphs for "All Tasks Created/Closed (Last 12 Months)" and "Bulletins Published (Last 12 Months)" to show incorrect data.



  • The default tab for the bulletin list and task list has been changed so that the most useful view is set by default.
  • kajo tags the main document per amendment.
  • The columns in the configuration view is sortable.

04.05.2021 <(°.°)>


  • The Scheme Compliance Manager can now access the configuration page through the left-hand menu section in kajo. The configuration page gives you an overview of all users, functions and categories of your tenant and how they are connected.
  • We have empowered the Scheme Compliance Manager to not only close tasks that are finished or rejected but to close any task regardless of its state. This gives the Scheme Compliance Manager the ability to close a task where the linked user is unresponsive or absent.



  • Fixed a bug that caused the re-sending of email notifications
  • Minor improvements



  • kajo remembers your filter selection so that you can navigate back from the detail view and still find your filtered bulletin or task list.
  • Minor bugfixes



Email notifications

kajo now notifies you about certain events so that you never miss a new bulletin or a task update.

kajo notifies the Scheme Compliance Manager when
  • A new applicable bulletin is published.
  • A kajo user rejects a task or finished one.
kajo notifies the kajo user when
  • A new task is assigned.
  • A task is re-assigned.

  • Logout button got a new icon and moved to the top left, next to the user avatar.
  • The kajo logo in the top right got a refresher.

Kajo launched 🚀