kajo drastically reduces the overhead and time you have to invest in understanding bulletins and organising the work to become compliant.

Developed for issuers, processors and acquirers

  • One place for all bulletins

    The right tool for the job, developed explicitly with Payments Compliance Teams in mind. Don't bother with Excel spreadsheets or ticketing tools that require a lot of manual work.

    Mastercard and Visa bulletins are easily accessible through a single user-friendly web app.

  • Configured for you

    Easily see the bulletins that are relevant to your organisation. Configure kajo based on your unique setup in regards to products, policies, processes, applications, and third-party providers.

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  • Automated task creation

    All bulletins are automatically processed into tasks and pre-assigned to your Task Owners, reducing the need to manually manage this.

    Never miss a relevant rule or regulation change, thanks to the built-in notification engine.

  • Expert Clarifications

    Benefit from expert clarifications and interpretation guidelines for all major bulletins in order to better understand important aspects and pitfalls for your organisation.

Additional features


The dashboard gives you a real-time snapshot of your payments compliance state across the organisation. Keep track of compliance costs and progress on bulletins and tasks.

Compliance cost

Task Owner can record the costs required to achieve compliance. For this purpose Task Owner can note down the time effort and specific cost amounts. An aggregated cost value will be calculated and displayed for each bulletin.

Privacy by Design

Kajo is designed with bank privacy requirements in mind. The kajo platform is free from any customer identifying data and your data is securely stored in a dedicated database. Kajo's cloud infrastructure is located in Switzerland and ISAE 3000 Type 2 assessed.

Advanced search and filter

A sophisticated search and filter menu makes it very easy for you to find any bulletins and tasks. There is also a variety of pre-defined filters available to you.

How to setup kajo

As a browser-based SaaS product, kajo requires no technical integration - no IT project required.
All you need is an up-to-date browser like Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, or Firefox and you can immeditaly start using kajo.

3rd party integrations

kajo currently integrates with Service Now.
We are constantly adding new features and integrations.
Please feel free to talk to us if you are missing yours.

Try it yourself

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